In such a controversial moment as this one the world goes through at the moment we are put before constant news that scare children, scare adults and, maybe, strengthen the crazy ones. But if once distance made different cultures be far, far away, nowadays thanks to transportation and the evolution of technology we live in a smaller and more global world.

In the midst of so many values, it is urgent to dream because, like the poet (Antonio GedeЛo) said, “(…) They do not know, nor dream that the dream guides life, that when the man dreams, the world jumps and moves forward like the coloured ball in the hands of a child.” 

Maybe because of this my paintings have a contemplative aspect that, after all these years, still wonders in my material and spiritual landscapes, so many times with the support of history. And, in this type of evasion, I invite the spectator to enter my and his world, like in meditation. I invite him to recreate his stories and re-enforce his energies so that, who knows, also by him the world advances.

From West to East – Dialogues, is a group of paintings that transport us to the East, calling for the constant interchangeability of values, knowledge and tastes, so characteristic of the Portuguese diaspora. Far from exhausting the theme, I’d say these are suggestions presented as a path where, in the waves of memory, one can predict the departure of Portugal to the world.

From day to day, to parties, from the sacred to the profane, this journey ends with the big kimono made with fragments of “chita” (cotton fabric from AlcobaНa) and whose presentation is the metaphor of the Dialogues.

Above all else, we are before suggestions that take the audience on a journey, a cultural journey. In that journey, everyone goes through his memories and values, through the dialectic of the ones close and far away, of the equal and different, from here and there, from this and that one. All of this in order to understand that in the West and East the world of today is the outcome of the combination of cultures and values that goes forward because of the exchange of knowledge.