Oh salted sea, your briny depths

The tears of Portugal!

How many mothers wept as we crossed you,

How many children prayed in vain!

How many brides destined to remain

So that we could command you, oh sea!


And was it worth it? Everything is of value

If our soul looms large.

For whoever rounds Cape Bojador

Must transcend sorrow.

For God endowed the sea with peril and the abyss

But graced it with the reflection of heaven.


“Portuguese Sea”, MESSAGE – second part, Fernando Pessoa

“Oh salted sea”that bathes our bodies and navigates our souls!

From our roots to our present, you are part of the knots that weave the meshes that raise our History. People say that only the strong are part of the history and, for that reason, transcending sorrow, we were the first ones to tear the roads of the globalization, opening frontiers of new worlds and new people, becoming leaders in the Europe of 500.

Our hegemony, never reached by any other European monarchy until then, made of D. Manuel I – the Fortunate, king of Portugal and the Algarve on both sides of the sea in Africa and “Lord of Guinea and the Conquest, Navigation and Trade of Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia and India”, the Glorious King of Lusitania, as he was designated by the other European monarchs.

Here we are in the centre of Europe!

Painting has contributed during centuries, to register and bring to our knowledge the “innovations” of nature with their unusual vegetable species and animals, as well as the human beings of different colours and unusual habitats.

Time passes and what was unusual became vulgar and who was different came to be equal. In front of the empty canvas, brush in the hand, in a gesture guided by the emotion, I throw the colours of the feelings, in movements of come and go between the past and the present.

I represent, representing, what we were, what we are, the face of the past, the face of the present. Collages, textures and colours. And the hand of the painter, at the helm of the palette, invites today’s navigators, encouraging them to swing the curling “to want is power” and thus walk with courage the sea of today, which will lift the new world of tomorrow.

“Was it worth it? Everything is of value” because OUR SOUL LOOMS LARGE.

Isabel Nunes

May of 2008