In such a controversial moment as this one the world goes through we are put before constant news that scare children, scare adults and, maybe, strengthen the crazy ones. But if once distance made different cultures be far, far away, nowadays thanks to transportation and the evolution of technology we live in a smaller and more global world.

In the midst of so many values, it is urgent to dream because like the poet (Antonio Gedeão) said, “(…) They do not know, nor dream that the dream guides life, that when the man dreams, the world jumps and moves forward like the coloured ball in the hands of a child.”

Maybe because of this my paintings have a contemplative aspect that, after all these years, still wonders in my material and spiritual landscapes, so many times with the support of history. And, in this type of evasion, I invite the spectator to enter my and his 2 world, like in meditation. I invite him to recreate his stories and re-enforce his energies so that, who knows, also by him the world advances.

Skin of Time is the dialogue established between the surfaces that are part of our cities like pavements, walls, and the time that traverses them leaving marks such as the wrinkles on the skin of the human being. Brands that represent records caused either by the natural wear caused by erosion or by the damage done by Man and, by crossing them, they are diluted in indifference but if we stop to observe them we can wonder how many beings have passed through there and how many stories are part of them.

And through the painter’s hand comes the invitation to the viewer through the work that observes to enter into dialogue with himself, searching in his stories and in his memoirs references that contribute to his reading of these fragments in an exercise of contemplation between himself and the world around him.